A bespoke trustee headhunting, recruitment and training programme designed to bring informed and engaged candidates to local trustee boards.

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How intrusted can make a difference to your Trustee search

Recruiting the right trustee for your board is a crucial task for your charity.

We provide an affordable service to meet the needs of a diverse sector including everything from free self-service to comprehensive executive recruitment and training solutions all dependant on your requirements.

At involve we know just how crucial it is to have a skilled, committed and forward thinking board of trustees.

Our bespoke trustee recruitment service takes away the worry and time needed to find that person who could turn your organisation around.

intrusted is the trustee recruitment, support & training programme for your charity, voluntary or community group.

involve Community Services provides the intrusted programme to assist you to find the right person with the rights skills for your Board of Trustees or Management Committee, regardless of the size of your group or the type of trustee you need.

Working with your existing Committee, we help you look at your group’s needs, help you produce a suitable role with the skills you need.

intrusted also offers good governance guides, advice, help and training to develop your Board or Committee as well as other opportunities to grow your group.

With three tiers of service, you’ll find something that fits.

  • Free: we help with a Role Description, we place your advert, you shortlist & interview, we offer training & advice
  • Subsidised: we help with a Role Description and advert, we place your advert widely, we pre-interview and shortlist, you interview, we offer training & ongoing support
  • Enhanced: we produce an agreed Role Description and detailed adverts, we place those adverts widely, we search for candidates and head-hunt as needed, we pre-interview and shortlist, you interview, we provide training, induction & ongoing governance support

You can also ask us for a bespoke package or do some of it yourself, with our advice as needed. involve Community Services wants to help you & your organisation attract and retain the best trustees!

If you would like help with recruiting for a trustee vacancy, please fill in our application form and send it to us either via email or through the post.

How intrusted can make a difference for you and your employees

involve Community Services want to help you and your business by providing opportunities for employee engagement, assisting management fast-track, career-planning or retirement, and enhancing corporate social responsibility. Being a volunteer charity trustee is a good route into Non Executive Directorships, too. And all at little to no cost to you.

How can we make such claims? By successfully finding the right people to help lead local charities & community groups, we can utilise your business abilities & experience to enrich your & your employees’ career path. We just add that feel-good factor to it.

1. We probably have opportunities for you right now with local charities and voluntary groups
2. You can wait until the right opportunity for you is available, by jumping into the Trustees’ Pool
3. You can enrol on our next Taster course to find out more about what’s needed to be a trustee
4. You can offer your existing business skills, experience & knowledge to a local charitable organisation in an advisory role, even without commitment as a trustee
5. If you’re confident about trustee or Nonexecutive Director roles, you can offer peer support to a new trustee for an agreed period of time

It may be that you have an interest in a particular cause such as heritage or young people or a medical condition (or just about anything else). It may be that you have skills & knowledge from your business and personal life that will be of great benefit to the community.

The intrusted programme is recruiting a diverse range of people, with or without charity-governance experience, matching you with organisations where what you offer meets that group’s needs.

It helps them grow; it helps you grow; it helps communities grow.

Find out more about opportunities available by asking intrusted for the details without obligation or any cost.

Contact intrusted to find out the answers and the opportunities: how you can easily become a trustee and help a local charity, what advice and support we provide.

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If you’re interested in intrusted, whether you’d like help recruiting trustees, you’d be interested in becoming a trustee yourself, or you want to find out more about the benefits for your company and employees, contact our Trustee Recruitment & Liaison Officer, Mike Allen, for a commitment free, informal chat.

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