Volunteering During COVID-19

At involve Community Services, we are trying to help people and organisations to adjust to the current circumstances. Whilst being part of the local community response in Bracknell, we are also trying to update our volunteering opportunities so that people can still offer their time by volunteering. We are putting together a list of volunteering roles that can be done during the lockdown so people can still help their community, even if most of us are working from home! Why not get involved and use this time to add something new to your CV, help your local community, and have fun while doing so?!

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Once you have expressed an interest in becoming a volunteer we will contact you to discuss your
volunteering journey further.

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We all know volunteering helps others… what we don’t all know is that volunteering also improves the quality of our life too!

Our volunteering support is here for you if:

  • You are an individual who would like to volunteer some time, talent and skill
  • You are an employer who would like to contribute some employee time, talent and skill
  • You are a voluntary, community or faith group that needs the time, talent and skill of a volunteer

If you are a company who wishes to volunteer or a charity or group looking for a group of volunteers go to Company and Charity page.

If you want to see what volunteering opportunities are available locally, check Bracknell Forest: Get Involved!

Or if you think you’d like guidance in finding a role, we can help…

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer.

So that we can offer you the right opportunity, support and advice, please complete the form to the right. Alternatively, please complete this form and send it to us either through the post or via email. If for any reason you are unsure about any part of the application form, please call us on 01344 304 404 or email us at reception@involve.community.

Once you have expressed an interest in becoming a volunteer we will contact you to discuss your volunteering journey further.

Each organisation that we work with has its own recruitment process, so you may be asked to complete a Disclosure & Baring Service form (criminal record check) or provide them with references, however no checks will be made without your consent.


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Volunteering in Wokingham

involve is the Volunteer Centre for Bracknell Forest. If you are interested in volunteering opportunities in the Wokingham Borough, see the Wokingham Volunteer Centre website.

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