Involve • Our Values • What We Do

We are the local support organisation for voluntary, community and faith groups in Bracknell Forest and the Wokingham Borough. We can support you with training, funding advice, development and support work, start up organisations, volunteering and more.

Our Vision

To be the best at working with Voluntary, Community and Faith (VCF) groups and public sector partners to ensure there is a healthy and fair environment in which VCF groups are prepared for, and can access, opportunities to provide services to local people.


Our Aims

Our overall aim and objects in our Memorandum of Association are to promote any charitable purposes for the benefit of the community in the local government area of Bracknell Forest and, in particular the advancement of education, the protection of health and the relief of poverty, distress and sickness: to promote and organise co-operation in the achievement of the same and bring together representatives of voluntary organisations and statutory authorities.

Our Mission

To empower and strengthen Community Capacity in Bracknell Forest by promoting and supporting the development of a thriving, collaborative and empowered VCF sector (VCFS).

Our Values

Our values underpin what we stand for and the way we work. They support the sustainable achievement of our mission and aims, confirm internally and externally what we stand for, and guide the way we behave, operate and communicate.

Relationships & Communication

We are passionate about our relationships with local voluntary, community, faith, peer and partner organisations and recognise that these relationships, and the communication between them, are central to everything we do.

Collaboration, Partnership & Teamwork

We believe in and promote sharing information, best practice and learning through collaborative, partnership and team working.

Innovation & Creativity

We enjoy the challenge that change brings and see it as an opportunity to be innovative, creative and flexible.

Quality & Sustainability

We operate with integrity, independence and fairness, take pride in what we do and aim to provide high quality relationship experiences which offer the best value for money whilst using resources in the most sustainable way.

Diversity, Equality & Respect

We celebrate diversity and equality and believe that we are strongest when we work together. We believe that we should all treat others in the way we want them to treat us.

How we do this

By providing:

  • Infrastructure support: providing new and existing VCFS organisations with constitutional, management, administrative, developmental and networking information and working as an activist and advocate of the sector.
  • Training support: sourcing, brokering and providing training for volunteers and VCFS organisations.
  • Funding support: on sources of grant funding and with applications.
  • Volunteer support: recruiting and matching volunteers to volunteering opportunities.