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Resources for Setting up a Charity

Please note, as these are external sites involve has no control over the content of these websites and by listing them we are not necessarily endorsing them, merely pointing them out as potentially useful resources. At any point, please contact us for further information and advice regarding your organisation and we can guide you, help and assist in any way we can.

Meeting Rooms & Venues for hire

involve has a Meeting Room available for hire. This room will comfortably sit up to 12 people in boardroom style. It has a screen for projecting and flip charts are available, as is the use of a laptop and projector if required. Refreshments are available (for which we will ask a small donation).

Charities and not-for-profit organisations can rent this space for £10 per hour – members of involve can access a special discounted rate of £6 per hour! If you’re not a member, please do become one by completing our membership form. Corporate rates are £15 per hour.

There is no parking available at the site but there are plenty of public carparks available as as well good access to public transport. If you are interested in hiring this space or would like more information please contact involve reception on 0134 04404 or email us.

If our room is unavailable or you need something bigger then you can download the involve brochure of other available venues in Bracknell Forest.

Sources of Support for Carers

There are 6.5 million people in the UK who are supporting a loved one. These carers help to hold families together, enabling older, disabled or seriously ill loved ones to get the most out of life. They make an enormous contribution to society and save the economy billions of pounds every year.

Many of them are stretched to the limit as they juggle care with work and family life, or even struggle with poor health themselves. Many find it difficult to make ends meet if they are unable to work or if they have reduced their working hours to care. Many young carers juggle school and friendships to care.

The wide and varied provision of carers’ services in Bracknell Forest is critical to the provision of carers support. Building strong, effective partnership working between the organisations that provide carer support and those that interface with carer support is essential if we, as a community, are to ensure that the invaluable contribution of our carers is supported, appreciated and sustainable. Below are listed just a few of the organisations that are on hand to offer direct support.


For information on safeguarding children, Early Help, and training in each various areas, see below:

  Sexual Health Services in Bracknell Forest

Often, people don’t know what sexual health services are available locally or where to go to find these services.

Check out Bracknell Forest Council’s Sexual Health pages for local help and information.