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Corporate Volunteers Help Renovate Community Projects

by May 21, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is when a workplace or business incorporates some sort of sustainable development project in to their business model. This normally involves employees taking part in some sort of volunteering project and/or getting involved in one or two days of group volunteering events each year. This can include social, economic and/or environmental improvements that have a positive impact on the local community, and often the voluntary and community sector.

A robust CSR program is an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their good corporate citizenship. Helping local causes and getting employees recognised by their local community builds a positive image that people can believe in. To illustrate how critical social responsibility has become, previous research by Cone Communications found that nearly 90% of the consumers surveyed said they would purchase a product because a company supported an issue they care about.

Corporate volunteering seems to be getting more and more popular! We regularly receive requests from businesses who want to send their staff on volunteering days, and we’ve had some lovely feedback from projects that have been completed!

Allegis Group went to help renovate a property that was left to the Kerith Community Church. This property is being turned into a halfway house for individuals that have been through difficult situations within their life, most commonly substance abuse, and have come out the other side wanting to make a better life for themselves.

This house, part of the Cedar Housing Project, will eventually house 4 people who still require a certain element of support before the reach out into the world on their own. The tasks Allegis Group volunteers completed consisted of:

  • Wallpaper stripping
  • Painting
  • Furniture building
  • Gardening


Tektronix visited Berkshire Women’s Aid over two days and divided staff into two groups.

Day 1, was concentrated on the ground floor hall/corridor, where we sanded the paintwork and walls, primed and coated the skirting boards, doors and the walls of the hall/corridor.

Day 2, same as above for the first floor hall/corridor and also painted the living room walls and skirting board.

Also, just before Christmas 2018, a Tektronix colleague bought a bottle of champagne and bowling tickets and raffled this amongst the staff. The tickets were donated to the children at the house and the proceeds from the raffle were used to buy them chocolates and gift vouchers.

If your company or organisation want to improve your CSR strategy and want to send staff on a volunteering day, please get in touch with our volunteer services manager and let us know the type of activity you would be interested in! Alternatively, if you’re a community group or charitable organisation who has a project that will require multiple volunteers, please let us know as well!