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Are you a company who wants to give your time? or are you a charity or group looking for volunteers?

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   Company Volunteering

Is your company being a Force for Good ?   Is it time to up your game in relation to your CSR policy?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to business practices involving initiatives that benefit society.  A business’s CSR can encompass a wide variety of tactics, from giving away a portion of a company’s proceeds to charity, giving up time by it’s staff to work on local projects, through to donating equipment to charities and organisations that need it more than they do.

At involve we work with a vast array of companies, all dedicated to helping the community around them, being a force for good and allowing their staff to feel better about themselves into the process.

Could you be the next company to join us?

We work closely with you as an organisation to define the goals and aspirations that you have as part of your CSR policy.
We match you with the kind of projects and initiatives that not only meet with these goals, but add real value to those that you are helping.

If you are a company wanting to volunteer employee time, skills and experience to the community, please get in touch with our Volunteer Services Manager, Diane, informing her of the sort of task you are looking for, when you are able to volunteer and for how many volunteers.

Charities Looking for Volunteers

If you are a community, voluntary organisation or charity looking for volunteers, we want to hear from you!

You can either download an opportunity form to complete and send to us,or you can submit your opportunities to our volunteering website:

The more interesting, appealing, accurate and worthwhile you make your opportunity, the more success you will have in attracting and finding the right volunteers. We do reserve the right to make changes to the information when it is entered into our database but we will make every effort to discuss this with you beforehand so please ensure that the contact details you provide us with allow us to do this.

Other details of the organisation that will be published with the volunteering opportunity are:
•The name of the organisation
•The purpose (or mission statement) of the organisation
•The activities of the organisation

involve is a member organisation. If you are a local charity or community group and would like to contribute towards the future of involve you can join as a member.  Please go to our Member Information page where you can download a Membership Application & Registration Form.


Have you got any events or tasks that require multiple volunteers?

If you are a voluntary community group, charity or organisation and you have a larger project that would require lots of volunteers, or if you are organising an event that requires one off volunteers, please be sure to let us know!

We will either match you with a company of CSR volunteers who will help with your project,or we will advertise your event via the Volunteer Pool.

Please contact us if this is applicable to your organisation.