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We provide practical and affordable training courses for the local voluntary and community sector across Bracknell Forest and Wokingham Borough.
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We source and provide training in a number of areas covering topics such governance, funding and workplace requirements, to staff and volunteer wellbeing and mental health sessions. Our courses are aimed at anyone within the voluntary and community sector across Bracknell Forest and the Wokingham Borough. Generally, training that is provided for charities within Bracknell Forest is hosted at our offices in the Bracknell Town Centre Court House, and training delivered for Wokingham Borough organisations is at the Wokingham Fire Station. However, due to current restriction due to COVID-19, we have moved a lot of our courses to an virtual format, with workshops being hosted online through Microsoft Teams.


If you want to keep updated on when we’ll be running our training sessions, you can sign up to receive our training alerts. This means you’ll be notified via email when we have organised new training courses, allowing you to nab the first spaces on our events and workshops, and keeping your training needs fulfilled.

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Cancellation Policy

You must give more than 14 working days (defined as Monday to Friday) notice of a cancellation before the commencement of the agreed service and/or event in order to incur no charge.
Cancelling between 14 – 6 working days before the commencement of the service/event, will make 50% of the course fee chargeable.
Giving us 5 or less working days notice before the commencement of the agreed services/event will mean you must pay 100% of the course fee.

Where involve offers a course free of any charge and the participant reserves a place, yet fails to cancel the reservation according to terms above or subsequently fails to attend the course on the designated day, a charge of £75 will be levied to the participant.