Cancer Champions

Have you been affected by cancer? Want an opportunity to help & support others who have been through similar situations?
Find Out More About the Scheme Before Applying...


Our new Cancer Champions Scheme aims to provide a cancer support network that is community based, in and around Wokingham.

We will be working alongside other cancer support resources bringing together a range of services to enable people in the local community to find the help they need in one place.

We will also be runnin onthly meet-ups, bringing together people in the community affected by cancer, giving them the opportunity to meet each other and share experiences.

Would you be interested in helping out? Using your own personal experiences, you could help us in our mission to create a supportive network in Wokingham for those affected by cancer. Roles that would benefit the scheme would include:

  • Assistance at our monthly meet-ups  Tasks will include helping to set up the room, serving drinks, talking about your own experiences, encouraging others to open up, making connections with people who are going through similar situations to you, etc.
  • Offer 1-on-1 Support – We will be receiving referrals from people who would like assistance from the scheme, and we hope to pair them up with volunteers who have similar experiences to provide them with an additional support line (and new friend!).
  • Administrative Tasks – If talking to others directly isn’t your strong suit, but you’d still like to help out the scheme, you could always help us by creating posters or flyers and distributing them to various local health organisations.

To apply

Please get in touch with the Cancer Champions Scheme’s manager, Vickie Randall, if you would be interested in volunteering to help out this new scheme!  Call us on 01344 304404 or email