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The Bracknell Volunteer Pool

by Sep 20, 2019

Could you make a difference in your community? If everyone took small positive actions, it would add up to make such a huge difference! At involve, we want to encourage more people to ‘Dive In’ and get involved on their own terms!

If you don’t have time for a permanent volunteer role, the Bracknell Forest Volunteer Pool could be just what you need! If you add your name to our mailing list, you will be sent email alerts informing you about local events and opportunities that don’t require a big commitment. Tasks can be anything from basic conservation work to charity collections.

This way, if you’ve got some free time and see something you like the look of, all you need to do is contact the organisers to let them know you’d like to come along, and you can start making a difference!

There are some great events coming up over the next couple of months which require volunteers. Make the most of the last few months of 2019, join the Volunteer Pool and get informed when there are new events that you can volunteer at. Find something new and interesting for you & your friends to get involved with, while also helping out your community!

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