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Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer

by | Sep 16, 2018 |

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Whether you want to do your part or make your mark, there are many great reasons to volunteer. And those that benefit from your help will just be happy you did, no matter the reason.

1. It’s Good for Your Health

Studies have found that when you stop thinking about your own problems and focus on someone other than yourself, your stress levels start to decrease, your immune system is strengthened and your overall sense of life satisfaction increases. This is because helping someone else interrupts tension-producing patterns and replaces it with a sense of purpose, positive emotions and high confidence levels. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this infographic!

2. Learn New Skills

Just because volunteer work is unpaid does not mean the skills you learn are basic. Volunteering is something you can do to get work experience in a field you’d be interested in going into in the future, but instead of having to pay for expensive courses or qualifications, you can get on-the-job training! Some voluntary organisations will even pay for you to attend extensive training courses to improve your skills. This way you gain valuable knowledge which will help you in the volunteer role you’re doing for them, but will also be useful for any future roles you may want & even in everyday life!

3. Gain New Experiences

Sometimes, volunteering for an organisation in one role can lead to other, new experiences you might not have been expecting! You be promoted from a smaller, background role, to a larger, more important role which gets you even more involved in the cause, and maybe even into a paid role! Also, if you stick to a certain role for long enough, the organisation you help may include you in a ‘thank you’ event or some other sort of gift to show their appreciation! 🎁

4. It’s a CV & Career Booster

Stuck for things to write on your resume? Get rid of your writers block by showing off all the great voluntary work you do! Whether you do one thing on a regular basis, or help lots of different causes for shorter amounts of time, each new voluntary experience you have looks great to potential future employers! Studies have found that those who volunteered had a 27% better chance of finding a job than those who didn’t! [Source]

5. Give Back to a Cause You Believe In

Not sure where to start in your volunteering journey? Your reason for volunteering should begin where your passions lie. Let your love for animals, teaching or healthcare create positive change in the world. Allow your actions to be led from a place of passionate intention. That way all the hard work will be worth it, you will be more committed to the cause and as a result, your impact will be that much bigger. It’d be like having a job you dislike; if you’re not passionate about your work, why continue doing it? Life’s too short: find out more about why you should love what you do for a living.

6. Get Inspired

Are you finding yourself stuck in a rut? Or maybe you are unsure what to do with your life or what to study after graduation

You can use volunteering as a reason to get out of old routine and help you figure out what your next steps will be when you return home.

Taking a break, putting your life into perspective and other people first might inspire an idea or spark an interest. You might come up with ideas on how to improve your own community, or discovered a new life calling.

7. Make Connections

Volunteering lets you meet people from all walks of life. It gives you the chance to form real relationships that can have a lasting impact on your life. You could meet your new best friend, future business partner or have a conversation that sparks a real change in your life.

8. Join a Community

If you decide to volunteer in a particular sector or in a specific role, you’re more than likely to find people with similar views & interests to you! Being part of a small community of volunteers in an organisation you’re all passionate about can be a great place & opportunity to share your thoughts & opinions with like-minded people. You could even come together & start a new movement to further benefit your cause!

9. Help Change the World

Even small actions can spark great change. By doing one small act of kindness, you could trigger a chain reaction that could lead to many people striving to help others & achieve wonderful things!

We can all spend far too much time thinking about ourselves. By volunteering we can find out about the world around us and become aware of causes and issues we didn’t know existed. Volunteering will make you look at the world outside your window and feel proud for the part you’re playing in making lasting change.

10. It’s Fun!

Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing your actions are making a difference. The feeling of pride and satisfaction that arises from changing lives is second to none. Even if you can’t actually see the change you are affecting, you know it’s there.

If you find an opportunity that you’re passionate about & can enjoy with lots of like-minded people, then you’ll be enjoying yourself while reaping the many other benefits of volunteering too!


If you’re interested in volunteering in or around Bracknell Forest, get in touch with us here at involve, or visit to search for local volunteering roles. Be sure to share any volunteer work you do in Bracknell Forest with us by posting them on social media & using the hashtag #BFGetInvolved!