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Do Good December

by | Dec 25, 2018 |

Merry Christmas!! We hope you’re all having a lovely time during this festive season; everyone in the Voluntary & Community Sector has worked so hard in 2018! Let’s all try and work even harder in 2019 to make sure we keep developing and improving the great work we’re doing!

Last year, our advent calendar focused on local volunteering opportunities, but for our Christmas countdown this year, we decided to focus on good deeds you can do everyday to improve your own and others lives. So here are 24 good deeds and random acts of kindness that you can try and complete over 24 days. Why not give it a try in January 2019? It’s be a great way to kick off the New Year!

Day 1 – Project Shoebox Thames Valley 📦 On the first day of December, we encouraged people to donate items to Project Shoebox, which delivers useful Christmas Presents to refuges for victims of domestic abuse, which supports women and children via charities such as Your Sanctuary, Berkshire Women’s Aid, The Dash Charity and West Berkshire refuges. This year they managed to donate approximately 350 box presents to those in need!

Day 2 – Start a Christmas Fundraiser 🎄 Whether you save change on your own at home, or start a campaign online to get friends to join in, collecting money for charity is a great way to help out before 2019! Click here for 151 easy and fun fundraising ideas via GiveaCar…

Day 3 – Spread the Word #️⃣ Use social media platforms to help spread the word about causes you care about! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr: All of these social media platforms are such powerful tools in the modern world, and charities need as much support as possible in getting the word out about their work!

Day 4 – Check on Elderly Neighbours 👵 If you’ve got any elderly or disabled neighbours or friends who are going to be alone this Christmas, why not invite them along to celebrate with you? Help spread the word & do your part to help end loneliness this winter…Or click here to find out more about local befriending.

Day 5 – Support Street Performers & Vendors 💷 Whether you give spare change to a busker, support a small stall or local vendor, buy lunch for a homeless person, or purchase the latest Big Issue, helping those who are out on the streets in this cold weather will always be appreciated!

Day 6 – Donate to a Foodbank 🥫 Going shopping this week? While you’re there, spare a thought for those who can’t necessarily buy the food they need… Pick up a few extra food packets or cans and other essentials to donate! Most supermarkets have a food bank donation point at the store exit!

Day 7 – Clean Up Your Streets 🚮 Try to organise a litter pick in your local area. Get the whole street involved in cleaning up your streets & parks over the weekend! Discover lots of great ways you can help to Keep Britain Tidy:

Day 8 – Help Out Local Wildlife 🐁🦔🐇🐦🦊🦌 Help out the wildlife in you local area by putting a water bowl outside for local critters to use. Also, if you have any leftover food, why not leave it outside for them to enjoy too? Please check it’s not harmful for them first though!

Day 9 – Go Screen Free 📵 Why not try going screen free for the day? Turn off all your non-essential electronic devices for the day and spend more time with the people you care about. You’ll also be doing something small to save the planet a little! 🌍 Click here to find out about the hidden benefits of reducing your technology usage!

Day 10 – Try Going Meat-Free for a Day 🥩 How do fancy trying to have a Meat Free Monday?! There are many health benefits of going vegetarian for one day a week, & it’ll reduce your carbon footprint too! Read more here:

Day 11 – Do a Small, Random Act of Kindness 👍 Do something small for someone else today; Let someone in front of you in a queue, test your elderly neighbour’s fire alarm for them, tape bus fair to a bus stop or compliment a stranger! Any small thing could really make someone else’s day:

Day 12 – Reconnect With An Old Friend ✍️ Send a letter to, meet up with or call up someone who you haven’t talked to in ages and reconnect! Feeling too nervous about it though? Click here to find out why you should reconnect with old friends…

Day 13 – Give Blood 💉 Do you give blood? If not, why not?! It’s such an easy thing to do & each pint you donate could save up to three people’s lives! Plus, there’s free biscuits! 🍪 Sign up today to start saving lives:

Day 14 – Support Small Organisations 💎 Do your best to help support small, local businesses and charities! If you would normally give custom to a chain or international company, try to think of smaller, more local organisations that you can use, who need the money a lot more! You might find a hidden gem!

Day 15 – Smile at a Stranger 😊 On this day, we challenged people to try and smile at 15 people in one day! Count how many send a smile back and help to spread some happiness!

Day 16 – Spring Clean 🧹 Have an early Spring Clean! Clear out your cupboards and give away and donate any unused or unwanted items! Or you could sell some of them and give the money to charity! If you’re struggling, check out Good Housekeeping’s ways to clean out the clutter!

Day 17 – Raise Money for Charity 💰 Why not raise some money for charity? Pledge to save your pennies this week & give the change to your favourite cause at the end of this week! What a great way to say Merry Christmas!

Day 18 – Volunteer 👏 Give your time to a local cause! Why not look into potentially volunteering on a regular basis in 2019? Do something you’ve never done before… Even an hour or so a week can be a great help! Check out our website for local opportunities:

Day 19 – Give a Gift 💌 Know anyone who’s going to be lonely this Christmas? Why not give out Christmas cards and gifts to those who otherwise might not be receiving anything this year?

Day 20 – Set Yourself Goals 🎯 Create a New Years Resolution which will benefit both yourself and others! You could collect money in ‘Save, Spend and Donate’ jars, get fit with a friend, or maybe pledge to volunteer your time. Choose a great resolution that will help everyone a little bit!

Day 21 – Become an Organ Donor ❤️ If you needed an organ transplant would you have one? If yes, try and help those who need one now by opting to donate organs & tissue after you’re gone:

Day 22 – Sign Up to a Fundraising Event 🏃 Have there been any fundraising events that you saw in 2018 that you thought might be fun, but ended up slipping your mind? Use this as a reminder to sign up to a charity fundraiser in 2019! Here’s a list of the most popular events in the UK…

Day 23 – Get Organised 🎁 On this day we suggested people used today to organise their Christmas Presents. We said to try to make sure you’ll be giving more gifts than you’re expecting to receive this Christmas! Did you accomplish this??

Day 24 – Give Back to Those in Need 👐 This isn’t always a relaxing and exciting time of year for everyone… We encouraged people to use Christmas Eve this year to help those less fortunate. Try volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen and spread a little bit of hope…