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Apps to Help Your Wellbeing

by | Nov 13, 2018 |

We’ve been working on the Wokingham Health & Wellbeing Board since April 2018, which means that for the past 7 months, we’ve been trying to share to share helpful tips and tricks on ways people across Wokingham Borough (and beyond!) can keep themselves happy and healthy. With Winter now fast approaching, the colder, harsher weather means that vulnerable people are more likely to fall ill and people are more likely to visit their doctors or even the hospital for weather related ailments. Research shows that for every one degree centigrade drop below five degrees in outdoor average temperatures, there is more than a 10 percent increase in older people consulting their GP for breathing problems, a 0.8 percent increase in emergency hospital admissions and a 3.4 percent increase in deaths. [Source:NHS England]

Because of this, more resources need to be shared, in order for people to learn to take better care of themselves without resorting straight to their GP, so as to ease pressure on doctors surgeries and the NHS. There are actually many small things you can do to improve your general health as well as your mental wellbeing, and recently on the WokinghamHWBB we’ve been sharing a few posts about applications that you can add to your phone or tablet which are designed to help you manage any health or mental wellbeing issues you may have.

As part of Self Care Week 2018, which is running this week from 12th – 18th November, we thought we’d share these handy apps, which aim to help people organise themselves and generally improve their health and wellbeing, by putting them all in one convenient article.

For personal growth & development – These apps help you plan your days and make strategic steps towards reaching goals:

Level Up Life – Great for video game fans, a fun way to track your everyday achievements in life. Get motivated by earning XP from real life challenges ranging from simple to life changing.
Habitica – Another way to gamify your tasks; Motivate yourself to achieve your goals and have fun while you get things done!
Remente – This is a system of tools and insights to help you lead a richer, happier and healthier life, based on how the brain works and performs. Maintain focus and direction while managing stress and work-life balance.
Loop – Loop helps you create and maintain good habits, allowing you to achieve your long-term goals. Detailed graphs and statistics show you how your habits improved over time.
Tasks – This is a simple, free to-do list, task tracker and reminder app that will help keep your busy life organised everyday.

For your mental health – These apps capture how you’re feeling and aim to help you improve your thinking habits:

Moodnotes – This app allows you to track your mood over time, avoid common thinking traps, and develop perspectives associated with increased happiness and well-being.
Pacifica – Daily tools for stress, anxiety, and depression alongside a supportive community. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy & mindfulness meditation.
Inner Hour – This ap as been designed to help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life.
Mood Triggers – Whether you’re having trouble with anxiety or depression, stressed out, want to log your mood, or can’t figure out why you’re anxious or depressed, Mood Triggers is a complete mood tracker app that can be of tremendous help for your psychological health.
Mood Space – This ap ims to create a self-help space where you will have the opportunity to experiment with different treatment methods, in the form of interactive mood workouts, to see what works for you.
Daylio – This app enables you to keep a private diary without having to type a single line. Pick your mood and add activities you have been doing during the day.
Calm Harm – This app is  set up by the NHS and is based on the principles of dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). DBT is a type of talking therapy that’s often effective in people with mood disorders. The app provides tasks that encourage users to distract themselves from urges to self-harm and help manage their “emotional mind” in a more positive way.

For decreasing stress & improving relaxation – These apps include various mindfulness and meditation tips to calm your mind & improve your mood:

Calm – Calm is the #1 app for meditation and mindfulness. Enjoy 100+ guided meditations to help you manage anxiety, lower stress and sleep better.
Stop, Breathe, Think – Check in with how you’re feeling, and try short activities tuned to your emotions.
Headspace – Live a happier, healthier life with just a few minutes of meditation a day

For sharing your progress as well as thoughts & feelings – These apps allow you to include other people in your life. Working in a similar way to social media platforms, they allow you to ‘Follow’ other people and share how your life is going in an anonymous online environment with people who are going through similar situations:

Vent – Express your feelings and connect with people who care
Thirty – Stop and think about what you could have done differently in your life in the last thirty days and what you have planned to do in the next thirty days… Start challenging yourself to break bad habits and build good habits with your friends.

For someone to talk to – These apps ar ade from Artificial Intelligence (AI) which you can have conversations with to improve your mood. They are constantly learning from what you say to them and evolving to make your experience with the app better:

Youper – Youper helps you feel your best with quick conversations and tools. It acts as your own personal assistant for taking control of your emotional and behavioral health.
Wysa – Co-designed by therapists, coaches, users and AI folk, Wysa is an AI life coach that lets you set the pace, helps when it can, and never judges. It is free and anonymous.
Replika – This is a personal AI that helps you express and witness yourself by offering a helpful conversation. It’s a space where you can safely share your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, memories, dreams and more.

For disconnecting – These apps aim to help you stay away from social media and technology for a bit so that you can concentrate more on your work or real life:

Pause – Based on the ancient principles of Tai Chi and mindfulness practice, Pause brings the act of focused attention to your mobile device.
Forest – Whenever you want to stay focused, plant a tree. The tree will grow while you are concentrating, as you ignore your phone or tablet. If you leave the app
Space – Space uses neuroscience and AI to help you kick app addiction. Space loads a Moments of Zen before apps you need space from. This short-circuits instant gratification and puts you in charge again.
Thrive – This app helps you take back control by giving you the tools to set boundaries with technology.

For living better– These apps aim to help you keep track of your fitness, weight, diet, food and sleep, in order to keep your body feeling generally healthy:

One You – Making better choices today can have a big impact on your health. One You is here to help you get healthier and feel better with free tips, tools and support. Whether it’s moving more, eating more healthily or checking yourself – One You can help you make small, practical changes that fit in with your life. They have various apps that you can download to focus on a particular area of your health that you want to improve.
Change 4 Life – These days, ‘modern life’ can mean that we’re a lot less active. Change4Life was set up in order to encourage healthier lifestyle habits within families. They have an app with loads of healthy recipes as well as a food scanner which tells you what’s really inside your favourite food and drink.
The Natural Remedies – healthy lifestyle and beauty
Samsung Health – This is a handbook of the natural remedies for the most common diseases.
Ada – Understand what could be wrong if you or someone you care about is not feeling well. Developed by over 100 doctors & scientists, Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions, from a common cold to rare diseases.