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Becoming a charity trustee is easier and more-rewarding than you might think.

Becoming a charity trustee is easier & more rewarding than you might think…

Anyone, almost, can be a charity trustee. Maybe you’ve given a £1 to charity or bought from a charity shop, but wondered if your ideas, skills, experience would be more useful for them.  Maybe your skills in bringing up a family, running a business, coaching a team, building a wall, don’t seem like a good fit to become a charity trustee.

But being a trustee of a charity is all about planning and leadership, as you’ve done for that family, business, team or construction project, and those skills and ideas are what charities really want. Yes, the £1 in the box is very useful, but being a trustee has more impact in the long run; it also has impact for you.


Do I need to have already been a trustee or involved in a charity?

No. Charities and community groups welcome people without prior experience for most trustee roles. You will gain that experience and knowledge during the time you’re a trustee.


Are you able to help me join a ‘big name’ or national charity?

This would be less likely without prior trustee experience; intrusted generally recruits for small to medium-sized charities in the Thames Valley.


Do I need qualifications?

If you’ve got them, that’s great, but unless
the charity really needs something specialist,
then not necessarily.


Do I get paid?

No. Charity trusteeship is voluntary. But you are able
to claim agreed reasonable travel expenses if you want
and the charity can afford that.


Will I be responsible for the whole charity?

The board of trustees is the decision-making body,
so everyone’s jointly responsible, but you’ll get
expert advice from others and always agree
collectively about what’s needed for the charity.


Do I need to know about charity law and all the regulations?

Yes, but not at first; You’ll learn more the longer you are a trustee. There’s training, support and advice available from other trustees, involve and the Charity Commission.


Does it take a lot of my spare time?

No; trustees spend as much or as little time as they have available. Some trustees only need to put in a few hours a month, many put in more; much of that time isn’t formal meetings, much can be spent online. The charity you join will tell you their expectations, but because it’s voluntary, you give what time you can.
Trusteeships often last three years, with a usual option to remain for two more terms of three years.


What do I get out of it, then?

Most trustees report a sense of ‘giving back’, especially if you join a charity with a cause you support. And it gives back to you: adds to your CV if that’s important, broadens your personal and professional friendship groups, aids good mental health and self-esteem, sharpens and grows those skills you have and adds more. We’ve seen trusteeship defined as “leadership development in real life”, and we’d agree with that.

What’s the intrusted process?

You have an informal no-obligation discussion with intrusted to find out more and discuss your interests. We may already have trustee vacancies that interest you, or we’ll search for you.

We advise you on your chosen charity’s needs and you provide us with a CV or similar, adapted to their needs. We send them your CV; if they’re interested, they invite you to an interview, usually informal.

If you and the charity ‘fit’, they’ll ask for two references and any other information they need, then agree to appoint you. You can access involve’s training as well as your charity’s induction programme.

You’re a trustee!

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