Grant Writing Services

Working in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council and Bracknell Forest Council,
we have appointed three full-time grant writers to offer a new service for local organisations.

At involve, we can offer the following services…

  • Bespoke grant funding searches
  • Grant writing services for organisations supporting
    Wokingham Borough or Bracknell Forest residents
  • Grant writing services for other organisations
  • Mentoring service for CVS grant writers
  • Independent reviews of applications

Our Grant Writer Service Is Available for Voluntary & Community Sector Organisations Serving Bracknell or Wokingham Residents

Working in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council and Bracknell Forest Council, involve Community Services has appointed new full-time grant writers for the next 12 months. The grant writer will be joining involve Funding Advisory Service.  They will be available to undertake grant writing and bidding, and possibly partnerships and crowdfunding opportunities at no cost for charities and voluntary groups service which:

1) Are most at risk due the impact of COVID19 on their organisation and

2) Contribute significantly to the strategic objectives of the council
    and the wellbeing of council residents.

3) Hold reserves of less than 6 months expenditure

4) Lack a fund writer or have insufficient fund writing support

The involve grant writer will provide the focused support that is required to help your organisation rebuild and or strengthen its sustainability.

Apply To Use Our Grant Writers

If your organisation needs one or more grant(s) written and meets the above conditions / criteria, then please complete a form  

The questions on the form will help us to allocate the grant writer’s time and ensure those who best meet the conditions are supported.  The service is flexible and so support will also depend on demand for the services at any particular time.

If you are unsure if you meet the conditions fill out the form and we will let you know how we can help. If you would like grant writing services but don’t meet the conditions, the involve Funding Advisory Services can offer a paid-for service or suggest alternative support we can offer at no cost to your organisation.

Please email the form to Jackie Leslie at who will assess your request and advise of the next steps. We  will endeavour to establish the different options for your organisation. 

Contracting Registered Grant Writers

We have also established a register of skilled and experienced grant writers, who have been selected on the basis of their experience, the examples of work submitted, success rates and references. They can be hired separately for organisations’ covering Berkshire and beyond, who don’t qualify for the above services’ application criteria.
Costs depend on the size of your fundraising target and the complexity of the applications.   A package of three small grants (e.g. under £5,000 each) for example might cost as little as £150 (subject to the availability of previous grant examples and clear client requirements)

This is a separate service for organisations throughout Berkshire and beyond who don’t qualify for the free service as well as local organisations who fall outside of the free service criteria listed above.

Fee rates are based on time.  As a charity,  we understand the financial restrictions faced by charitable and voluntary organisations.  In order to keep costs down we mainly operate remotely using Teams or Zoom. We would speak with you to make an initial assessment of your requirements and obtain 3 quotes from register writers with experience of your sector, if you decided to proceed, you would choose the writer you prefer based on their CV and quote and they would contact you directly, with involve responsible for contracts and quality control. Contact to discuss your needs or return the inquiry form, which can be found by clicking here.

Other Services We Offer At No Cost

  • Bespoke search or screening of grant opportunities – In addition to the documents with lists of sector related funding from from various trust and foundations, we also offer a bespoke search for current opportunities to help you find grants open now or over a longer period to support you funding pipeline and allow you to plan and spread you grant writing workload over time.
  • Mentoring service for CVS grant writers – You can contact us to book a 1:1 session to discuss any aspect of grant writing e.g. how to get started, how to develop the budget, what the Trust wants, or if you have a issue that may need clarification or a second opinion
  • Independent review of application – It often helps to have someone independent of your organisation review your work. They can often spot things that you don’t realise an outsider would not understand. Our Funding Advice Service can look at your application or proposal at any stage and offer free independent advice on your grant application be it at the start, part way though or a final draft. We offer the advice as a critical friend for your organisation.

Also see our Fundraising News page for regularly updated news about courses, workshops and other events related to grants, trusts and foundations.