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by | Aug 8, 2018 |

Of interest to Organisations dealing with Visually Impaired People

The Ulverscroft Foundation supports projects that help visually impaired people. Within any group of people there will be an element of visual impairment; grants can only be considered if the VI element is significant.


Applications for funding can be considered from any source, UK or overseas. Applicants need not necessarily be a charity: they can be a CIC or social group.

What For?

In general they will not fund staff salaries or ongoing running costs for an organisation. Staffing costs for specific, time-limited projects may be considered at the Trustees’ discretion. Research projects which involve salary costs may also be considered.

Your application should include at least the following:
• details of your current service to visually-impaired people, if any, and how it will be improved or enhanced by the proposed project. We do not need to see lengthy, generalised descriptions of the challenges faced by blind and visually-impaired people;
• an estimate if possible of how many blind and visually-impaired people currently use your service, and how many will use it in the future;
• any funding received or pledged to date for the project in question, and the names of other organisations to which you have applied;
• a copy of your latest annual report and accounts;
• confirmation that your organisation has a safeguarding policy for vulnerable children and/or adults, as appropriate;
• confirmation that your organisation has an equal opportunities policy.

Examples of previously successful applications are at:

How Much?



Their Trustees meet quarterly to consider applications: in January (deadline 15 December), April (deadline 15 March), July (deadline 15 June) and October (deadline 15 September).

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