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CLA Charitable Trust

by | Nov 14, 2017 |

Of interest to organisations dealing with Countryside, Disabled People, Disadvantaged, Learning Difficulties, Education, Young People

The CLA Charitable Trust was originally founded to encourage landowners to provid ccess opportunitie n England and Wales for the disabled and disadvantaged on their property.


Recently, the Trustees have found it necessary to apply stricter criteria given the level of demand. As a result, they no longer consider applications for sensory gardens or community allotments, or funding requests from state funded schools or other institutions.
The Trustees are unlikely to approve grants to charities or organisations with substantial financial resources, as they prefer to support smaller projects and organisations to which their limited funding will be crucial.

What For?

They receive many more grant applications than we can fund, each is judged against our objectives, which are:
1. To promote education about the countryside for young people from towns and cities and those who are disadvantaged.
2. To provide facilities for those who are disabled, who have learning difficulties or who are in some way disadvantaged to visit and participate in learning experiences about the countryside.
3. To support the advancement of education in agriculture, horticulture and conservation for disadvantaged people, particularly the young.
Projects which are based on horticultural activities must be able to demonstrate that they provide training which leads to a recognised, accredited qualification for the participants.
Ordinarily, the Trustees will not give money towards core funding or make limited contributions to a much larger project. They prefer to fund specific capital purchases, or a discrete part of a project with which the Trust can be identified.

How Much?

N/A but In 2014 28 charities and projects received grants from the Charitable Trust, totalling over £39,000.



More information

To submit an application for funding from the CLA Charitable Trust please email a completed application form to