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Community Navigation: Winter Pressures

by Nov 26, 2019

involve has secured some short term funding to trial an expansion of the Community Navigation scheme. Community Navigation is all about signposting. We can provide information to people (professionals and the public) about services, charities, groups etc. that may have information, advice, activities that can help them.

The Winter Pressures pilot is a short term project that will attempt to take Community Navigation a step further. Taking a more proactive approach, this pilot aims to keep Wokingham Borough residents safe and well over winter in their own homes. We can undertake Community Navigation and go further with a range of areas, such as heating, food, health issues and social isolation and link the client up to relevant help and support, encouraging them to be as independent as possible.

Winter can be a challenging time and we hope that by providing regular phone and face to face support, we can help reduce the stress on other statutory services.

If you know someone or are working with someone who would benefit from an additional helping hand over the winter period or to find out more about the Winter Pressures Pilot please contact:

Hannah Ellis
01344 304404