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Volunteer Personality Traits Survey

by | Apr 12, 2017 |

We all know how important volunteering is for our community. Well, a final year psychology student with the Open University is conducting a survey exploring volunteering behaviours and personality traits. She intend to produce a summary for the voluntary organisations promoting th urvey after completing her assignments. Research like this is always important for the growth of the third sector, and it also helps a student in her studies

The results of this study could show important links between people’s characteristics and personalities and the volunteer roles they choose to partake in. This could help charitable organisations find more suitable volunteers for their roles, and in turn aid the growth and future awareness of the voluntary and community sector.

The survey open for all U dults and will tak pproximately 5-10 minutes to complete.It should be accessible and readable on both laptop and mobile devices and all responses are anonymous and confidential. Taking part in this survey and sharing it with others would be a great help to both this student and her work, an lso the charitable sector.

Click here to access the survey & thank you for participating!