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Important Social Media Hashtags, Campaigns & Resources

These are difficult times to live in… Staying home all day in order to isolate yourself from people can have a big impact on your physical and mental health. If you seem to be spending all of your time these days on social media, scrolling through a seemingly endless stream of Coronavirus news articles, crazy conspiracy theories and repetitive jokes and memes, you’re probably getting a bit fed up of reading the same things being said over and over.

Why not try making the most of the time you’re spending online? We’ve complied a list of recently created hashtags that follow recent trends on COVID-19 news and events, and ways to stay happy and healthy. Make sure to follow these trending hashtags and the pages they originated from to stay in the know.

Encouraging people to stay home in order to help stop/slow the spread of coronavirus & help ease pressure on health services.

Encouraging staying healthy while in isolation by sharing workout tips & tricks.

Encouraging people to put rainbows in their windows in support of the NHS & staying home & encouraged during this pandemic. Also encouraging children to look out for rainbows on their daily walks.

Communities come together every Thursday and clap outside their windows in support of all health workers during this difficult time.

Inspiring and uplifting messages of hope and communities coming together to get through these tough times.

Uplifting posts showing the comradery of different communities helping th ulnerable during this pandemic.

For finding out and sharing the latest COVID-19 news & information.

Too many scare-mongering tactics are being implemented in times like this, so you can help combat fake news by sharing correct information and resources from reliable sources such as the Government, Public Health and the NHS. Also, if you’re stuck on what to say or post, Canva have created some great promotional materials which would be suitable for charities and/or individuals to use on social media or elsewhere:

Also, Poster My Wall has created various posters about COVID-19, in order to allow everyone to do their part by spreading awareness and accurate information: