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2019 Christmas Advent Calendar: Fundraising Tips

by Dec 26, 2019

Merry Christmas!! We hope you’re all having a lovely time during this festive season; everyone in the Voluntary & Community Sector has worked so hard in 2019! Let’s all try and work even harder in 2020 to make sure we keep developing and improving the great work we’re doing!

Last year, our advent calendar focused on general good deeds, but for our Christmas countdown this year, we decided to share tips and tricks on fun and interesting ways to fundraise for your favourite charity! So here are 24 charity fundraising methods that you can try and complete over 24 days. Why not give it a try in January 2020? It’s be a great way to kick off the New Year!

Day 1 – Organise or take part in a charity collection!
Probably the oldest & simplest idea, but still very effective! Get in touch with the charity you want to fundraise for, pick a date & a popular spot & apply to fundraise for a great cause! An upcoming charity collection event for 2020 is BHF’s Heart Stars event on 7th and 8th February…

Day 2 – Christmas Card Sales
Have you got a creative mind? Why not design & sell Christmas cards or other crafts or decorations to raise some money? You can then donate your profits to charity! This can work for birthday cards too at other times of the year!

Day 3 – Smartie Tub Challenge
Get your friends taking part in the smartie tub challenge! Buy a few pots of smarties (or similar sweet packets) & give them out to participants. They get to enjoy the sweets & have the challenge of filling up the leftover tube with coins. You can save money by buying packs of Smarties in bulk from a wholesaler, helping your profits go further. Each Smarties tube will take £12-worth of 20p pieces, so if 30 of your supporters fill theirs up with 20 pence pieces, that’s over £340 profit… A great return for very little effort!

Day 4 – Swear Jar
Clean up that language! Set up a swear jar at home & gather some extra funds at the same time.

Day 5 – Car Wash
Organise a car wash! It may be a bit cold at this time of year, but winter is a time when people slack on cleaning their cars! Cash in on the opportunity & raise funds for your favourite #charity.

Day 6 – Have a craft or jumble sale
Whether you’ve got lots of clutter you want to get rid of or you fancy making something fun, selling things at your school or in your neighbourhood can be a great way to raise money for charity.

Day 7 – Dog Walking
Got any friends or neighbours without much time to walk their pooches? 🐶
Try offering to do it for them for a small fee which can go towards your favourite charity. Get fit, hang out with awesome dogs, & raise money for a good cause!

Day 8 – Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 
A newer method & a great way to organically grow a charity’s network. Encourage individuals to set up charity-related social media pages, and market them to their own friends and family. The appeals for funds come from known faces, not strangers, and the charity also gains membership from within rather than outside efforts. Click here to find out more…

Day 9 – Business Partnerships
You could try partnering with local businesses! This can be a bit more complicated, but by getting a local business to donate part of their profits from a particular product to charity, it can encourage sales & boost funds!
Talk to local restaurants and shops about donating part of a meal or product price to a good cause. Then invite your friends and family out for a meal for a shopping trip! Also a great way to highlight local eateries and small local businesses.

Day 10 – Guessing Competition
Try creating a guessing competition! Get people to guess the name of the toy or the number of sweets in the jar. Charge per guess and give a prize to the winner(s)! Tap into peoples creativity and competitiveness to raise money!

Day 11 – Letter Campaign
This is an older idea, but still a useful one. Organise a letter campaign to target specific areas and neighbourhoods. Find some letter examples here:

Day 12 – Coffee & Cake Morning
Hold a coffee morning at your local church, community group, school or hall etc and see how much money you can gather! 🍰 ☕

Day 13 – Eco Jar
This works like a swear jar, but for the environment! Choose a particular environmentally unfriendly habit (such as using plastic, leaving the lights on etc) & donate every time you catch yourself doing it. This raises money for charity while cleaning up your act & helping the environment!

Day 14 – Design a Poster
Get creative! Design a poster or infographic highlighting the great work of your chosen charity. You can then display it at your school, workplace and/or community noticeboard to encourage interest in your cause & raise donations! 🖊️

Day 15 – Give It Up
Choose a habit & give it up for a week or month. This could be your morning coffee, fast-food, sweet tooth, or your weekly cinema trip. Either get people to sponsor you or donate the funds that you would have spent to charity instead.

Day 16 – Social Media Challenge/Campaign
Create a social media challenge! The gold standard for these was undoubtedly the Ice Bucket Challenge; your challenge may not be quite so successful, but there is certainly an appeal there which you can tap into!


Day 17 – Busking Performance
Bursting with musical talent? Consider busking for an afternoon or two! Just be sure to get permission from the authorities first. 🎸

Day 18 – Talent Show
Set up a talent show! 🤸 Be embarrassed or impressed at your town or workplace’s immense & varied talent. Showcase your skills & charge people to enter or attend! Don’t forget a prize for the winner!

Day 19 – Snail Racing
Try Snail Racing! 🐌 Have some slimy pests in your garden? Gather a dozen or so, & hold a championship snail race at your next group event. Be sure you aren’t in contravention of local gambling laws, but there are always workarounds.

Day 20 – Carolling
Get the musically-minded together and go caroling! It’s a well-known and well-loved method, and well worth doing each holiday season. 🎶

Day 21 – Game Night
Get friends & family together for a game night! Buy a small cheap prize, get everyone to put a donation in & the overall winner at the end of the night gets the prize & the pot goes to a charity of their choice!

Day 22 – Car Donations
Will you be getting rid of your car anytime soon? Consider donating the value of your car to charity! You can do this easily and conveniently using sites such as CharityCarUK or Giveacar!

Day 23 – Sell Your Skills
Teach people a special skill that you have such as cooking, knitting, playing guitar, singing, dancing, etc. 💡 Those who wish to learn can pay a small fee which goes to charity!

Day 24 – Become a Fundraiser Volunteer
The most efficient way to help raise money for a charity is by volunteering with them and becoming an official fundraiser for them! Find local charities that need these volunteers via