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Decorator Volunteers from Nielsen at the involve Offices!

by | May 12, 2017 |

Today (Friday May 12th 2017) we’ve had the great help of Nielse or decorating our offices a bit more. In case you didn’t know, back in October 2016, we moved to the Courthouse Offices in Bracknell, which is near the Police Station and Library, however, since we’ve moved, the building has still stayed quite outdated. We’ve had a few people come in before to do some handy work, but now we’ve had the help of Nielse o do even more.

They’ve been working hard both inside and out, painting and decorating some empty rooms so we can use them in the future, and also they’ve been going around the outside of the building pulling weeds so that the back entrance can look a lot better. It now looks a lot less apocalyptic and a lot more modern and maintained!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came along to help make our building beautiful and more accessible; now we’ll hopefully have more to show off to the public throughout summer!

Visit to find out more about their work.