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Advantage Scheme: BSA4Charity Buying Group

Matt Roper from BSA4Charity Buying Group has written an article below which offers some simple steps your charity can take to reduce total costs and free up revenues. To find out more about how BSA4Charity Buying Group can reduce your charity running costs, visit: 

Five steps along the road to better buying 

The best deals out there tend to be offered to the largest companies but charities can take steps to save money by following a number of key steps: 

Step 1 – invest in your people – consider giving those who procure on behalf of your charity some formal purchasing and negotiation training. After all, sales, finance and marketing staff get training, so why not purchasing staff? 

Step 2 – review your buying across the board; if the buying is fragmented across the team, consider bringing it all together and have someone take overall responsibility for the purchasing approach. 

Step 3 – continually challenge your suppliers to add more value, innovate, consistently over time. This can deliver a better end customer experience. 

Step 4 – focus on the big wins. Your choice of stationery isn’t going to secure the long-term future of your charity, but your critical supplier of labour just might. 

Step 5 – take advantage of a buying group. This gives you the purchasing muscle of collective procurement. Most charities share the same basic requirements of energy, telecoms, office supplies, janitorial supplies, photocopiers. By buying collectively, small charities acquire the negotiating power of the biggest companies – and lose some of the routine admin headaches into the bargain. Why not give BSA4Charity Buying Group a trial run and let us show you the cost savings!