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New Year, New 2020 Funding Training Programme

by Jan 4, 2020

Amongst your 2020 resolutions make some time for your (professional) self! There are an overwhelming amount of conferences, workshops, consulting, e-books an ourse vailable for charity, community and voluntary sector workers and supporters. Make an effort to put aside some time and/or funds to improve your skills in a certain fundraising area this year.

Why not identify at least one funding area or skill that you’d like to focus on; our new programme of fundraising courses may offer a local, convenient and low cost opportunity and you can meet other fundraisers with similar interests. 

Based on discussions with and questionnaire responses from the community voluntary sector, involve, this year, has expanded its training to include monthly local fundraising courses. The programme for the year is below



1.     Write Better Grant Proposals  

2.     Theory of change: Its use in grant proposals & projects

3.     Charity websites appeals and donations

4.     Charity impact metrics, measurement & assessment

5.     Get ready for statutory commissioning

6.     Marketing fundamentals 

7.     Legacy and bequest funding

8.     Crowd funding

9.     Write Better Grant Proposals  

10.  Planning & budgeting for Fundraising Events

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