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The Naturesave Trust

by | Oct 11, 2018 |

Of interest to Organisations dealing with Conservation Projects, Wildlife Protection, Biodiversity, Social Enterprise Projects, Community Renewable Energy

The Naturesave Trust was set up in 1995 to promote sustainabl evelopment. To date, the trust has funded projects worth over £750,000 throughout the UK.


The Naturesave Trust will consider applications for specific projects from Charities, Companies or Organisations whose activities are based within the UK.   Unfortunately they are unable to accept applications from individuals or for non-UK based projects.

What For?

The primary function of the Trust is to encourage the greater adoption of sustainable development.

  • Environmental and Conservation Projects – Working with communities and organisations to protect wildlife and improve biodiversity
  • Social Enterprise Projects – Working with charities and voluntary organisations to support vulnerable and disadvantage roups
  • Community Renewable Energy Grants– Providing startup ‘seed corn’ grants for community renewable energy projects
  • Environmental Performance Reviews– The Trust also funds independent reviews for commercial customers of Naturesave Insurance. This free advice is designed to help our SME businesses customers to become more sustainable and reduce costs.


A selection of projects recently funded by the Trust is at:


How Much?



There are no deadlines for applications.


More information

I ou need any guidance on the application process, call them directly on 01803 864390.