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The Lush Charity Pot

by | Aug 2, 2017 |

Of interest to organisations dealing with Campaigning, Animal Protection, Environment, Human Rights

The Lush Charity Pot offers grants and funding to small, grassroots charities and campaign groups that are often best placed to make a real difference with limited resources. They support small, grassroots organisations around the world that are working in the areas of animal protection, the environment , and human rights.


The majority of their funding is allocated to small, grassroots groups that are often best placed to make a real difference with limited resources and often struggle to find funding. Almost all the groups they fund have annual incomes of less than £250,000 and most are substantially smaller than this and run entirely or predominantly by volunteers.

They don’t fund religious organisations, schools, councils, student expeditions or academic studies neither do they contribute to sponsored walks or other fundraising initiatives or sponsor events.

What For?

All applications will be considered irrespective of their geographical location or how the organisation is registered, however, they will not support any organisation that:

  • Promotes or supports violence, aggression or oppression towards others (we will only support non-violent direct action groups)
  • Denies the human rights of others
  • Is involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals, including testing on animals for research
  • Forces or coerces others to change their religious beliefs
  • Harbours racism, prejudice or judges others on anything other than their own actions
  • Has not made every effort to be environmentally responsible

They support non-violent direct action groups because they feel it plays an important part in bringing about social change. Non-violent direct action includes protests and demonstrations, non-cooperation and other non-violent interventions. They will only consider supporting non-violent direct action groups, i.e. those which have no intention of physically harming others or threatening to do so. Whilst they support groups that engage in non-violent direct action in various ways, they do not fund actions that may break the law.

They fund organisations and projects in line with their values. Some of their key principles are a ollows:

Animals: All their events and meetings are catered vegetarian/ vegan; they won’t fund any food cost nless the same applies and likewise won’t support farming projects involving animals. They do no gree with the culling of animals for conservation or keeping wild animals in captivity, includin aptive breeding programmes, the exception being wildlife sanctuaries where animals cannot b eleased in to the wild due to injury.  They also only support animal sanctuaries that have a no-destruction policy. They also do not fund rehoming projects where the animals are going to anothe ountry.

Use of paper: They only use 100% recycled post-consumed paper for our printed materials so the ouldn’t fund printing of leaflets etc if this isn’t also the case. However, they do also recognise that i ome countries recycled paper is not widely available and will make a decision on this on a case-by-case basis.

Flights: They do our best to minimise flights at Lush, their staff do not fly domestically in the UK fo ush business and they have a self-imposed Carbon Tax on international flights which they use t und sustainable transport and climate change related projects and campaigns. Therefore, they ar nlikely to fund flights except where absolutely necessary. They will consider alternative travel costs.

Climate change strategies: They do not support market-based solutions to climate change, such a arbon trading, carbon offsetting, clean development mechanism or Reducing Emissions fro eforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD).

How Much?

Their support ranges from a few hundred pounds to a maximum of £10,000 per project. Their average grant is around £4,000.


You can apply at any time. Please note that typically they assess applications monthly, i.e. the eview the previous month’s applications at the start of the next month.