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The Environment Now Programme

by | Mar 15, 2017 |

Of interest to organisations dealing with Young People, Environmental Issues, Digital Technology,

The Environment Now programme is offering grants for young people to develop solutions to environmental issues using digital technology.


Your project must:
1. have a designated project leader that is aged between 17-24. Their programme is specifically aimed at young people and the project team must reflect this.
2. Be based within the UK; although it could have wider benefits.
3. Not be part of an existing project or charity just requiring additional funding to continuing its existing work with no new elements.
4. Not support or endorse political parties, religious organisations and extreme activist groups.

What For?

Your The Environment Now project must:
1. Have a positive and measurable environmental impact in areas such as; energy efficiency or waste and recycling.
2. Use digital technology to solve an environmental issue, this could include, but is not limited to:
a. Using digital skills and/or digital connectivity
b. The use of pre-existing technologies and digital platforms
c. Using digital research and data management
3. Have realistic and achievable objectives within the available funding and timeframe.
4. Have sustainable values, considering your projects impact on the environment and local community.
5. Not pay for team salaries, accommodation rent, social trips or any personal expenses that aren’t related to your project.
6. Not require additional funding to complete your The Environment Now project objectives.

How Much?

Up to £10,000