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The Rayne Foundation

by | Mar 22, 2018 |

Of interest to Organisations dealing with Arts, Health, Wellbeing, Education, Young People, Mental Health, Social Change, Carers, Older People

The Rayne Foundation favours work which could change the way issues are tackled in our society and which could have lessons for others beyond the funded organisation. They look for creative ways of tackling entrenched social issues through the arts, health, wellbeing, and education. We support projects that can be replicated and led by people with vision.


They fund charitable and not-for-profit organisations. They target our funding towards issues and organisations which do not enjoy widespread public support. Large, national organisations or ‘household name charities’ are unlikely to receive a grant unless they are the only organisation in a position to tackle a particular problem. They do not fund statutory bodies such as hospitals, local authorities, government departments or schools.

They consider that organisations with high levels of unrestricted reserves are in less need of their funding. This means that organisations with more than nine months’ running costs in unrestricted reserves are less likely to receive support. At the same time, organisations with tiny reserves or an overall deficit will need to convince them that their organisation is viable and they are taking action to increase reserves.

What For?

They will consider applications in the fields of arts, health and wellbeing, education in its widest sense, and those that cover social issues. Their focus is to connect communities, building bridges between marginalised groups and mainstream society, and to enable individuals to reach their full potential.

Within these broad criteria, they have a number of areas of special interest:

  • Young people’s improved mental health;
  • Arts as a tool to achieve social change;
  • Improved quality of life for carers and for older people.

They will consider funding salaries and project costs (including a reasonable contribution to overheads or on-costs) for up to three years. They do consider grants towards an organisation’s core costs but they only tend to award these when an organisation is making a step-change in the way that it works or tackles a particular issue and where a core grant will provide greater flexibility during the transition period.

Some examples of recent grants are at:

How Much?

Their grants typically fall in the range of £10,000 – £20,000 per annum for up to three years. They prefer to fund alongside others as they are unlikely to be able to fund your project in full. They will also consider the size of your request relative to your overall turnover. Small, newer organisations in particular are unlikely to receive a larger grant from us if that would equate to more than 10% of total income, unless it is towards and organisation’s first paid post.


They have a two-stage application process which they hope will reduce the time and effort you spend on making your request to us. You can apply at any time and can normally expect to receive a decision from them within 3-4 months although it is a good idea to allow six months for a decision.