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DM Thomas Foundation

by | Feb 21, 2017 |

Of interest to organisations dealing with projects helping disadvantaged young people in the UK and Ireland.

They fund work that challenges the public policies and practices that reinforce educational inequality.


Applications from registered charities in the UK and Ireland are first assessed by the Foundation office, with a shortlist of approximately 20 of the strongest and regionally representative applications put forward for consideration by their Grants Committee.

Applications working in the areas of education or health with one of our four chosen focus groups are selected or considered:
• Children and young people with disabilities
• Children and young people who are sick in hospital
• Children and young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
• Children and young people who are life limited (requiring palliative care)

What For?

The Foundation makes grants to charities that meet one of our two chosen areas of focus which are:

Improving the education of young people
The Foundation is investing in the future by supporting young people in the vital areas of education, awareness and training. Through targeted grant giving the Foundation aims to facilitate a better future for young people by supporting local charities. Education funding generally will be given for training/re-training, educational equipment, activity-based learning leading to accreditation and sports equipment.

Improving the health of young people
The Foundation is committed to relieving suffering and supporting young people whilst they are undergoing treatment and care.  Health funding generally will be given for medical equipment, care facilities, activity based holidays, proactive health awareness campaigns and hospices.

How Much?

The Grants Committee comprises independent members and members nominated by DMTFYP’s business partners and meets quarterly to discuss the applications. There is approximately £200,000 available to distribute each quarter.


If favoured, grant applications for up to £10,000 can be approved by the Committee, and applications for more than £10,000 are recommended to the Trustees for final approval. The Foundation is a small charity and generally will not make awards of over £30,000 (per year). Funding can be requested for up to 2 years for any particular project. There are no deadlines – you can apply at anytime.