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The Boshier-Hinton Foundation

by | Mar 20, 2018 |

Of interest to Organisations dealing with People with Disabilities or Learning Difficulties

The Boshier-Hinton Foundation exists to improve quality of life for people with disabilities or learning difficulties, and their families, in any part of the country.


Registered Charities, Local community charities or other agencies in any part of the country whose objects are no wider than the foundation’s own, or to any charity for particular purposes which fall within the Foundation’s objects.


All organisations that are awarded a grant must confirm that they have in place Health and Safety, Vulnerable Persons, DBS, and Equal Opportunities policies, as appropriate.


The Foundation would not normally make repeat grants within a period of less than two years.

What For?

The Founding Trustees are experienced in working and caring for children and adults with special needs and their families. It is also their experience that funding for projects to promote the welfare of individuals and groups of individuals continues to be difficult to obtain as grants have become more restricted and limited in recent years. The purpose of this Charity is to identify areas of need and make appropriate grants, where possible.

They have supported many hundreds of charities some of which are described at:

Requests to support projects which are innovative and developmental, are particularly welcomed.

The Foundation attaches much importance to the assessment and dissemination of the results of work it has funded, so that others might benefit.

Retrospective grants are not awarded, nor are grants for capital projects, core costs, salaries or where statutory funding is applicable.

The Foundation looks favourably on projects undertaken in partnership with other funding contributors, although grants of 100% are considered.

How Much?

Typical grants may be up to approximately £2,000.00.


They do not have deadlines for the receipt of applications

More information

If you have any questions about the application please telephone 01692 630695 or email: