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by | Jan 23, 2017 |

Of interest to Organisations dealing with People with Physical and Mental Disabilities, The Aged and those in Need, Hospices and End of Life Care, Support for Young Carers

The ACT Foundation provides grants to individuals and other charities, principally in the UK, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for people in need, particularly those who have a physical or mental disability or the aged.


They will not make grants:

  • To charities that have not been registered for at least three years;
  • Which would replace statutory funding;
  • Which would pay for work that has already commenced or equipment already purchased or on order;
  • Towards the operating costs of other charities except in connection with setting up new services;
  • For projects which promote a particular religion or faith;
  • To Community Centres and Youth Clubs except where those served are in special need of help (e.g. the elderly or persons with special needs);
  • To Local Authorities;
  • To umbrella or grant-making organisations except where they undertake special assessments not readily available from our own resources;
  • To universities and colleges and grant maintained, private or local education authority schools or their Parent Teacher Associations, except if those schools are for students with special needs;
  • For costs associated with political or publicity campaigns.

What For?

Their current priorities are projects that make a transformational change and have a high level of impact on individuals, their families and communities.

Their priorities are:

  • People with physical and mental disabilities
  • the aged and those in need
  • Hospices and end of life care
  • Support for young carers

Their grants generally fall into the following areas:

  • Building – funding modifications to homes (where a Disabled Facilities Grant (“DFG”) has already been awarded), charities, special schools, hospices etc.
  • Equipment – provision of specialist wheelchairs, other mobility aids and equipment including medical equipment and technology to assist independent living
  • Respite – help towards the cost of short-term respite breaks at registered respite centres

Here are examples of previously funded projects.

How Much?

ACT gives large and small donations to charities depending on the project and available funds. Larger grants (in excess of £100K) will be the exception.


You can apply for a grant at any time and for any amount. Trustees meet four times a year but procedures exist to give approvals between meeting dates if necessary. They do not publish the dates of Trustees’ meetings.

More information

ACT Foundation requirements.