Support For Charities & Organisations

Are you part of a local charity or organisation? Are you struggling to keep things afloat during the coronavirus crisis? We are here to help…

Recent Voluntary Sector News

NCVO have put together a list of useful information focusing on what you need to do to prepare for the potential impacts of coronavirus on your charity’s or voluntary organisation’s operations and finances, regarding contingency planning and financial implications. Contents include:

  1. Developing a contingency plan and how your insurance will be impacted
  2. Immediate actions to manage your finances
  3. Coronavirus job retention scheme (furloughing)
  4. What to expect from funders
  5. Charity funding from the government 
  6. Other funding opportunities for charities
  7. How your investments will be impacted
  8. Other financial implications
  9. Further resources

Also, it has come to our attention there have been two separate cyber-attacks and attempted fraud incidents for two local charities in the last couple of weeks.

Whether this is coincidence that it has happened twice in the same locality or whether there is someone targeting charities and groups in this area is unknown, but we would encourage all charities and groups to be extra vigilant and careful at this moment regarding their data, files & information and funds.

The criminals attacking charities are clever, it appears in one instant they were emailing and acting as the CEO, emailing the bookkeeper about transferring money to another account. Passwords and emails had been obtained probably via the dark web and the different staff had been ‘electronically’ observed and watched to ensure spoof emails were tailored and convincing. The second incident was similar, this time with emails being sent by the attackers acting as both the Manager and the Chair of trustees to the finance person/team.

In both cases, vigilance and challenge by the Treasurers managed to prevent the fraud taking place. However it has taken the organisations a lot of time to rectify the situation, review security arrangements, change all access codes and passwords etc.

So please, we urge all charities and groups to speak to your IT contacts/ departments about your security arrangements, alert relevant staff and trustees that there have been incidents locally and that they need to be extra cautious and perhaps review and refresh your passwords and security arrangements within your organisation. Look out for any bogus email accounts that may have appeared within your system and report them and delete them.

If you do have any concerns, find anything erroneous or do fall victim to an attack then you must report it to the police via:

Be sure to check out our recent mail-out giving further information & support.

Funding Support & Advice

We understand that the current pandemic will slow down and even stop many services offered by charities, which will have a great impact on finances across the sector. 

A number of Community Foundations and other organisations have launched funding programmes to assist local organisations in responding to the challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We have complied various lists of organisations and the types of funding they have made available, which can be found by clicking here. Additional sheets will be dated and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

If you are in need of funding support and advice for your organisation, you can contact our Funding Adviser, Jackie Leslie, via 01344 383523 or

Trustee Recruitment: inTRUSTed

Volunteer Recruitment

Our inTRUSTed Service is still being run, with our Trustee Recruitment and Liaison Officer working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout April. We have created a guide to remote trustee meetings and interviewing via video link that can be distributed and shared with Boards, Committee, trustees, etc. We are still phone-interviewing trustee applicants and can offer video-conferencing/interviews with potential clients who need our support. You can contact Mike Allen on 01344949245 or email

While we understand that regular volunteering opportunities won’t be possible to accompany during this lockdown, there are still many people who are willing to volunteer. People have either been offering their services via the local Community Response, or offering to work remotely if they are self-isolating, but healthy enough to still help out. If you are in need of voluntary support during this pandemic, please contact our our Volunteer Services Manager, Diane, via 01344949241 or, to find out what help we can offer you. 

Training & Workshops

We have been looking at alternative ways to deliver training and are looking at delivering sessions remotely via Microsoft Teams. Our staff at involve had a session via the app and it was very successful.

Teams can be accessed via laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you want to use a desktop computer, you will need to have a webcam and/or microphone in order to speak in the meeting. Otherwise, there is a web chat which all participants can post in to talk and/or ask questions. Headphones are recommended in order to reduce background echo.

Applicants will be sent an invitation to join a Teams Meeting via email. All you have to do is click the link, which can be opened via the web browser or Teams app, then you write your full name when asked and click ‘Join Meeting’. You will then be accepted by the trainer/moderator as a guest and should be able to interact with the meeting. You may need to give the app permission to access your camera and microphone, but this should pop up automatically, and there are options in front of you during the meeting to mute your mic and/or hide your camera during the meeting too, which can sometimes be helpful while the trainer is speaking.

Please note that this is system is still a work in progress, so we apologise if there are any teething problems; We just want to be able to continue to provide the charity sector with great training opportunities in order to continue development and growth during this difficult situation! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Please let our Training Coordinator, Claire, know, if you are interested in any of the following courses or require any further information, via on 01344949248 or

  • Management and Leadership – 22 April 9.30am – 3.30pm £50
  • Personality Disorders – 23 April 9.30am– 12.30pm £25
  • Fire Safety – 28 April 9.30am – 1pm £25
  • Psychosis – TBC 9.30am – 12.30pm £25
  • Professional Boundaries – 7 May 9.30am – 12.30pm £25
  • Managing People – TBC 9.30am – 3.30pm £50

General Support & Development

We can also still offer your charity or community group help and support over the phone and via email with regards to other aspects of development such as governance advice, setting goals, partnerships etc. We are also hoping to try running our Growth Clubs remotely, but more details on that will be coming in the future. Contact us via 01344 304 404 or email us at if your charity is in need of extra support during this difficult time.

Other Local Support Organisations