Befriending & Community Choices

Everybody needs somebody, but not everyone has someone.

For nearly 10 years now involve Community Services have been delivering a Befriending scheme across Bracknell Forest. This project has consistently received funding from Bracknell Forest Council with an additional contribution each year from Silva Homes and involve Community Services has then managed to source additional grants and funding to cover any shortfalls within a year. For many years the scheme has supported 100’s of volunteers who have visited and supported 100’s of older people in the community and made a huge impact.

It has been decided that the befriending scheme will no longer be delivered by involve Community Services as of 31st March 2020.

Another organisation has stepped forward and are in the process of setting up a new befriending scheme in the borough. Age UK Berkshire has been operating across the county for many years and their goal is to enable older people across the whole of Berkshire to enjoy later life. Age UK Berkshire currently provides a Befriending scheme in Reading as well as services in the Bracknell area such as an information & advice helpline, the Easy Shop service and yoga and tai chi classes.

Everyone at involve is extremely grateful to all that have contributed to the scheme over the years. To the funders that have enabled the scheme to be delivered for many years, the staff that have been exceptional in coordinating the project, the many volunteers who have given thousands of hours and the many befriendees that have engaged with the project too.

involve will be doing all it can to support all volunteers and befriendees through this process.

Community Choices

The Community Choices Scheme is a service for adults under 65 years old, who for whatever reason, are isolated or lonely, and to support them in linking in with groups, clubs, education or other community resources of their choice, such as:

♥   Photography                ♥   Social Groups
♥   Art / Craft                     ♥   Sport
♥   Book Clubs                  ♥  Adult Education

…or any other social activity available in Bracknell Forest.

How does it work?
Our Community Choices Co-ordinator will discuss with you your interests, choices and preferences, and then research local community resources to identify potential opportunities for you.

The Co-ordinator is able to attend jointly with you to your activity of choice for the initial visits, assisting you as necessary and supporting your comfortable integration into the group.

How to join the scheme?
You can refer yourself to the scheme by contacting us directly, and we can then arrange an appointment for you to visit our office to discuss. If you have mobility issues we can arrange to visit you at your home.
You can also contact us directly with a referral if you are family, a friend or professional.

If you want to know more about Community Choices, or if you may know someone that may benefit from the scheme, then contact Angie Cowan, our Community Choices Co-ordinator on 01344 304404 or email